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Midwest Winter Storm Causing Flight Cancellations At Tampa International Airport

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - The Winter storm in the Midwest is causing flight cancellations all over the United States and within the last 24 hours, over 68 flights have been cancelled at the Tampa International Airport.

One passenger Mari Heida wasn't expecting to run into so many flight issues when she decided to travel to St. Louis for the weekend.

"My flight got cancelled the day before, so I rebooked it to this morning at 6 a.m. and by the time I got to the airport it had been cancelled," said Heida. "So they booked me on another flight going through Houston. As I was sitting on the plane to take off for Houston, the Houston- St. Louis flight got cancelled, so I got back off the plane, now I'm waiting for an afternoon flight."

Heida isn't the only one experiencing the travel problems.

Sylvia Adams was traveling from Ohio to Tampa and says her flight was delayed by the snow storm for seven hours.

"It kept getting delayed and delayed. So we spent the night in the airport," said Adams.

Tampa International Airport spokesperson, Emily Nipps, says the Winter storm traveling through the Midwest is causing 16% of flights to be cancelled and it will continue to impact flights for the next few days.

"We do see sometimes that there is a domino effect with these kinds of cancellations where there is a lot of re-bookings happening, they impact other people's connecting flights," said Nipps.

Heida recommends passengers bring something to entertain them and some snacks to the airport just in case their flight is impacted.

"There's no point in getting mad, angry or upset, you can't control it. Just do what you can to better the situation," said Heida.

Officials suggest passengers check their flight status before getting to the airport.

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