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Metta World Peace Makes Elbow Jokes On Twitter

(CBS) -- Metta World Peace got busy tweeting to his 324,000+ followers on Friday night:  (Most recent on top)

"I'm looking forward to the playoffs.... I think okc wins in 5 or 4... I think Miami wins in 7... I also think.. Yal ready for this???"

"One thing that is helping breathe again is that Mr.Harden is ok... I can get my humor back. I can't lie ; I was very frustrated....."

"I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and was scared.... "who the hell are you" in a professor klump voice"

"I was at mikuni's in sacramento eating sushi.. This guy wanted a autograph for his son but I didn't know. My security turned him away.... His dad said " well u shouldn't be throwing elbows at people's head " directly to me.. I was do pissed.... Damnit ESPN"

"I'm trying to tell her I'm a nice guy and it was an accident... I'm googling my citizenship award to prove it.. Damnit Espn...."

"I'm out socially right now..Lots of girls.. Just conversation.. But they scared to sit next to me.The afraid of my elbows.Not a good feeling"

"Please don't praise me for accidentally hitting James in the head.... That's not how I like to play... However I will be more aggressive .."

"James harden cleared... First game down.... Tough couple days.... But getting thru it.. I need to put this chiseled body to use ....."

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