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'We Embrace Our Messy Moments': Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, Tori Spelling, Adam Rippon & Teddy Ray Preview MTV's 'Messyness'

(CBS Local)-- Another spin-off of the hit series "Ridiculousness" is coming to MTV and this show features some of the biggest names in Hollywood. "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, "90210" mainstay Tori Spelling, Olympian Adam Rippon and comedian Teddy Ray star in "Messyness," which premieres Monday, August 23 at 7pm EST/PST on MTV.

The celebrities will discuss the messiest moments of their lives and careers and will also comment on the most insane clips from the internet. Everything from awkward proposals to nights gone wrong will be featured on the show with hilarious commentary from the panel of celebrities. CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith recently chatted with Polizzi, Spelling, Rippon and Ray about the new series and what it's like when the public witnesses the messiest moments of your life.

"I think with this show it is a lot more messy and I love being totally real about crazy things that happen in our lives," said Polizzi. "I feel like a lot of people always try and be perfect and they shy away from talking about the messiest moments in their lives, but in this show we embrace it and celebrate it. We also talk about our messy moments, which is insane. I feel like that is the best part of the show."

"We all have messy moments and I think if people say they don't, they are lying," said Spelling. "It just makes you so much more relatable and people can relate to you so much better if you say this is everything and this is me. I'm sure after this show I will never get cast as a Disney mom and that's okay. This show is 1000% me and the extreme opposite of Donna Martin. While she is a part of me, I have a dirty mouth and I have really fun and extreme stories. I definitely embrace them on this show."

"The most exciting thing that I'm happy to share with everyone is just how well we all get along," said Rippon. "I love making everybody laugh and everybody makes me laugh so hard. I think one of the best parts about this whole show is that we get to watch all of these clips and they're very funny and we get to joke on them. The back and forth between everyone kills me. Teddy makes me laugh so hard, Tori has these incredible stories, obviously Nicole is so funny and that's my favorite part. It's the most fun."

"Usually my co-workers are comedians and I was unsure what this would be and I quickly realized these people are just as truthful and honest as comedians, said Ray. "They let you in and it is intimacy when it comes to what we are doing. We kind of have to let you in to our downsides and our sides where we don't feel as cute and don't feel so ready to be seen. It's moments like that that make you really relatable and connects people. Everybody ain't Beyonce, but everybody can be Snooki."

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