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Medical Experts See Decline in Positive Pediatric Covid-19 Cases

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - After the latest Covid-19 surge, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is finally beginning to see a decline in pediatric patients testing positive for the virus.

"The numbers of children who are testing positive for Covid-19 is going down week by week. But we are still seeing a lot of kids because our Omicron surge was like double the peak of our Delta surge," said Dr. Juan Dumois who specializes in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. Last month, the hospital saw an estimated 930 patients who tested positive for the virus - the highest since the beginning of the pandemic fueling a need for additional Covid-19 units there. The decline could be seen over the last two weeks of January, according to medical professionals.

Now, experts are shedding light on children who are not eligible to receive the MRNA vaccine being under the age of five. Pfizer is asking the FDA to expand a lower dose of the vaccine to that age group and possibly by the end of February.

"And with the Pfizer vaccine, the manufacturer had already started researching different doses of the vaccine and younger kids. They had to come up with a dose that is 1/10 of the dose we normally give to adults," said Dr. Dumois.

During preliminary research, studies show successful responses with two low doses of the vaccine in kids under the age of two. "But for kids between two and five, it wasn't quite as good," added Dr. Dumois. Researchers have gone back to the drawing board. And in the meantime, experts continue to encourage vaccinations, masks and caution. "We've got vaccines, we have a lot more knowledge then we had two years ago. I think right now, people can be hopeful especially if they've gotten vaccinated, and if they haven't gotten vaccinated, to really reconsider the decision not to vaccinate," he said. "People shouldn't be embarrassed to wear a mask. Masks do not increase your carbon dioxide level when you wear them."

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