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Man Attempts To Jump Into A Pool From Trampoline

This is the hilarious moment a man attempts to jump from his trampoline into the swimming pool - but narrowly misses. Video footage shows Jamie Smith, 27, bouncing on top of the trampoline as he prepares to make the 2m leap. He whips off his black polo top to calls of 'Go on Jamie!' and 'Hurry up I don't have much storage' while continuing to jump up and down. He then counts down to his long awaited jump before hurling himself in the air and hitting into the side of the swimming pool. Screams of laughter can be heard from family members as the embarrassed daredevil eagerly gets up and walks away. Retail worker Jamie, from Thornhill, Southampton said: "To be fair I thought I was going to make it. That's why I did it. "There's no chance I'll be doing that again. "My legs are killing."Family member Jenna Young, 36, who shot the footage said: "He kept trying to chicken out of it so I dared him £20 for a giggle. "When he hit into the swimming pool it was just so funny. "He wasn't hurt or anything. "We were actually wanting him to do it backwards too but that's probably not a good idea now."
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