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Man Arrested After Pointing A Laser-Light At Helicopter

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10)-- A Davenport man has been arrested by the Polk County Sheriff's Office after he aimed a laser-light at a PCSO helicopter that was flying overhead.

Douglas Norris, 52, of Davenport was arrested and charged with Unlawful use of a laser light.

Douglas Norris
Photo Credits: Polk County Sheriff's Office

According to reports, on Thursday, March 3, the helicopter was flying over Davenport assisting patrol units on the ground with aerial surveillance when the two pilots observed an adult male in the area of Buford Circle pointing a laser-light at the chopper three times.

The pilots relayed a description and location to patrol units on the ground. Deputies located Norris at 302 Burford Circle. Norris admitted he pointed the laser-light at the helicopter and that he knew it was against the law.

"Aiming lasers at an aircraft is dangerous because the light becomes magnified when the pilot is wearing night vision assistance. This reckless act could cause a crash, endangering the lives of those in the aircraft as well as those on the ground. Thankfully, in this instance, no one was injured," said Grady Judd, Sheriff

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