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Looking For Car #37

If you've ever read my bio on this page, you would know that I've owned more cars than shoes in my life. This may sound impossible, but it's true. My current daily driver is a 2004 Ford Explorer that I bought off of the original owner in Tampa and it's a fantastic truck. But because I have AADD (Automobile Attention Deficit Disorder) I've decided it's time to let my green truck go. I mean, c'mon, I've owned it since September of 2013! That's an eternity for me.
For sale, $6,000. Photo Credit: Erica Habedank
Now the question is, what do I replace it with? I can't daily drive my 2005 GTO because it's too nice and has hardly any miles so I must find another beater car. I have wanted a P71 Crown Victorla ex-cop car for a long time. I borrow a friend's black one now and then and it's FUN to drive down the interstate - for I am Moses, parter of the six-lane sea and master of all I survey. I think a menacing black cop-car would be a blast to drive everyday. I just know I'll probably get in to trouble with it so lets mark it a definite maybe.
Don't drink and drive... with rum on the front of your car. Photo Credit: Erica Habedank
Maybe I should be sensible and get something fun that also gets incredible gas mileage like a Mini Cooper. I have always wanted one of these adorable German British cars. It's got a stick shift, which is a pain when you're wearing heels, but wow those cars adorable and I may need to just get it out of my system. Did you ever see The Italian Job? Those three Mini's handled all of that gold in a high-speed chase with a helicopter and did it with smiles on their faces. The only reservation I have with buying a Mini with around 100K miles is literally everyone I know who has owned one tells me not to do it and they tend to speak to me about it in a very creative way. "I know you're nuts, but you're not stupid." "Sure, get one and you'll see. It will be fun, when it's not broken all the time and costing you a fortune." I've also been told point-blank to my face "You're a moron." So lets put a Mini in the definite maybe column.
I'm mini. Photo Credit: Erica Habedank

Then there's the car that makes me want to sell my GTO, my truck and whatever blood I can spare. The 2014 Chevrolet SS, which is really a Holden Commodore SS made in Australia. It has a snarly 6.2 liter V8, the same engine you can get in a Corvette or Camaro SS, has 4 doors which is great for carrying my daughter and her friends around and it's perfect for when you absolutely, positively have to get the groceries home before everyone else.

Because red gets you more tickets. Photo Credit: Erica Habedank

Or maybe I'll be boring, practical and sensible and get another bulletproof Toyota like the one below. But it will need to be bulletproof because I may be tempted to shoot it.

pink car
Hello, kitty. Photo Credit: Erica Habedank

So which do I pick? Take the poll and tell me.

Erica Habedank | CW44 Tampa Bay



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