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Local Organizations React To 15-Week Abortion Ban Bill

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Two local organizations are responding after the 15-week abortion ban bill passed through the Florida House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Amy Weintraub, with Tampa Bay Area Feminists says "I think this bill is cruel and I think the bill sponsors and everybody who voted for it are intentionally being cruel."

Scott Mahurin with a Pro-life organization called Florida Preborn Rescue in St. Pete., says "Pro-lifers are very pleased with what the Florida House has done and we're hopeful that this bill can make it through the senate and be signed by the governor."

Abortion is a very controversial topic for Floridians right now, as the Florida House of Representatives just passed a bill on Wednesday that would ban abortions after 15 weeks.

"Our position is always that all life should be protected by love and by law from conception," said Mahurin.

"They're turning their backs on those who have complicated lives and who have faced a lot of difficulties and for a myriad of reasons, who have not had access to abortion care up to the point that they are now banning it," said Weintraub.

The bill does not make exceptions for rape or incest, but does make exceptions for fetal abnormalities and to protect the life of the pregnant woman.

"The DNA in a baby is unique is different and distinct from their parents from the moment of conception. You're dealing with a human being, whether that human being was conceived in rape, whether that human being was conceived in incest, or whether that human being is just inconvenient," said Mahurin.

Mahurin says many women end up regretting abortions and says his organization is preparing for the bill to become law.

"Adoption agencies, different groups and agencies and non-profits are sort of gearing up to realize there's going to be a greater need for help for these women and these children," said Mahurin.

On the other hand, Amy Weintraub, with Tampa Bay Area Feminists, says women should have the choice to have an abortion.

"There are people who are forced into sex or who are coerced into sex unexpectedly and didn't have time to prepare, there are people who didn't expect to get pregnant for whatever reason who find themselves pregnant, and they don't wish to be," said Weintraub.

She says if the bill becomes law, organizations will have to start raising money for women to travel to other states to get an abortion... the nearest one being North Carolina.

"It also will mean that there will be folks who won't be able to access care at all because they don't have the ways to get to an out of state providers and so that means more at-risk pregnancies," said Weintraub.

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