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Local Organization Feeds Those In Need For Thanksgiving

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Local organizations are asking you to donate food for those in need this holiday season.

Metropolitan Ministries says they are serving more meals to people than ever before.

At Metropolitan Ministries officials say people need meals right now more than ever because of the pandemic and you can see behind me volunteers spent the day feeding people almost 4,000 meals with mashed potatoes, turkey and more.

Metropolitan Ministries Chef, Luis Soto, says "There's a need on the street. There's a need in the community."

He says this Thanksgiving more people are in need than ever before.

"Last year we did about 6,000 meals for the week, this year we are doing 11,000."

A big reason for that is COVID-19.

"There are so many people who are homeless, so many people who need help. If I can do it, anyone can. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of people got laid off," said volunteer Sydney Wright.

Volunteers spent the day slicing, scooping, and preparing Thanksgiving meals.

"We got the turkey breast, we slice it up and we fill it up with stuffing and roll them up. We've got mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls," said Soto.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, a volunteer, says this Thanksgiving she's doing all she can to help the community.

"You think about all the families that don't have the support of other family members," said Rodriguez.

Her whole family joined in the effort Thursday morning. Volunteers say this holiday season you should try to lend a helping hand too.

"You were blessed to have a good life, and honestly just to wake up. If you can, help out," said Wright.

"Step out of your comfort zone, even if you think you can't do something believe me, they will find something for you to do, even if it's just this big," said Rodriguez.

Metropolitan Ministries officials say they need more holiday items like turkey, ham, pies and more. If you're interested, you can donate those items to the holiday tent starting on Monday.

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