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Local Flower Shops Plan Ahead Because Of Supply Chain Issues

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Local flower shops are experiencing supply chain issues and staffing shortages, making future holidays more difficult to plan for.

At Hamilton's Florist, the owner, Indra Sears, says "We are focusing on solutions, not the problems to keep the day going."

Many flower shop owners in the Tampa Bay Area are struggling when it comes to holidays.

"Having to deal with the difficulty of shortage of staff, shortage of qualified staff to handle the volume, so it has been one of those holidays that it's been a challenge," said Sears.

For Sears, Valentines day is no exception.

"Due to the pandemic, COVID-19, and shortage of staff, flowers were not able to be able to come in or even if they did, they are sitting outside on the ships that cannot be unloaded," said Sears.

Sears says supply chain issues and worker shortages are causing issues for florists all over the country, but thankfully sears planned ahead and ordered her flowers for Valentine's Day back in December.

"Even though it's confusing and chaotic and very busy, we are very smooth," said Sears.

One customer, Phil DeGeorg, says he's grateful for the Sears' efforts.

"If you didn't plan ahead, it's good that they have extra flowers and stuff," said Sears.

Just in case, Sears says she will be ordering flowers for Mother's Day in at the end of February.

"And to be on the safe side and to try to get a better price as much as possible so we can pass that on to our customers," said Sears.

For future holidays Sears suggests you start putting your orders in several months in advance.

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