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Local Expert Says Omicron Symptoms Are Slightly Different Than Delta Symptoms

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - A local expert explains what symptoms come with the Delta and Omicron variant and why they are looking a little different from each other.

University of South Florida Virologist, Dr. Michael Teng, says "Delta like all the other variants beforehand cause the major symptoms are fatigue, fever, headache. Early on dry cough was one of those things that was a major player."

Dr. Teng, says the COVID-19 Omicron variant is looking a little different than the new Omicron variant.

"You still get fever what they are seeing a little more of is people coming in with a sore throat which is kind of a precursor to having a dry cough," said Dr. Teng.

He says with Omicron, there are not as many people losing their taste or smell.

"It might be that the virus has changed a little bit and doesn't cause as much inflammation," said Dr. Teng.

Dr. Teng says Omicron isn't causing as severe symptoms in many people.

"I think what we are seeing with Omicron is that those who are vaccinated and boosted, or even vaccinated within six months ago and haven't gone to get boosted, those are the people who are coming down with very mild symptoms," said Dr. Teng.

He says how sick you get from the Omicron variant varies from person to person.

"This difference in symptoms is more likely due to immunology, basically how our immune system is reacting. Those of us who have been boosted, vaccinated, or have had prior infection," said Dr. Teng.

Although the new variant might not get as serious with some people, Dr. Teng says as the number of people infected increases, so do the number of severe cases.

"We have a lower hospitalization, a lower severe COVID-19 rate, but we have a much higher rate of infection, so that zeroes out the high rate of hospitalization," said Dr. Teng.

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