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Local 13-Year-Old Plays Violin To Raise Money For Family In Ukraine

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - The sound of a violin fills the St. Pete Pier twice a month, but it's not just music. For 13-year-old Serafim Fitzgerald, it's his purpose.

"I'm donating to Ukraine for them to buy food and stuff to protect themselves," said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald has family in Ukraine.

"She hugged me, I awoke and my mom was crying and I was asking 'Why was she crying?' she answered then 'There's a war going in Ukraine, it's really bad,'" said Fitzgerald.

"My family, my friends, they stay there, it's dangerous. What can I do? And I ask Serafim, what can we do?" said his mother, Ksenia Fitzgerald.

That's when it all started: with an antique German violin, this 13-year-old spends hours playing beautiful music to save lives.

"They can buy food, they can buy protective shields," said Fitzgerald.

Ksenia Fitzgerald says her family is living in basements in Ukraine to fight for their country.

"My nephew, he is a fireman, he has three little children younger than Serafim and they stay in the city," said Ksenia.

She says every night she checks her phone to see if her loved ones are safe.

"My one friend works at the hospital, we send money to the hospital," said Ksenia.

With no other way to help, Serafim and his mother head out to St. Pete every other weekend. With every donation, they have hope that one day they'll be able to see their loved ones again.

"My hope for Ukraine is for them to win," said Fitzgerald.

"I will hug you all of you…I believe we come back to Ukraine and I hug everybody," said Ksenia.

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