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Lady Gaga Encourages Ohioans To Vote

Lady Gaga called in to Q102/Cleveland about today's Presidential election. With Ohio playing a large role in election news as a battle ground state, Gaga's influence could do a lot to get the vote out in the 2012 election.

"It's so important to vote," Gaga said. "Democracy is ultimately rooted in the people's involvement in the greater good of the nation…I'm hoping that I can remind everyone in the state of Ohio to go out and vote, because we need to elect a new President of the United States."

If you're still feeling undecided, she encourages them to do what she did.

"I would go online and watch the debates and do as much as you can to make yourself knowledgable and make a purely personal decision. I think this election is really about compassion. And I think the nation is in a place of divisiveness, especially with the economy…We need to come together and use our minds and our hearts to make sure that we elect the person that truly is a representation of what America really wants."

The singer recently came out in support of President Obama and she detailed why.

"I most recently decided that I would be voting for Obama after I did my research. I just did what every American can do. I sat on the couch with my friends and opened up a bottle of wine and we watched the debates and we talked about the future. For me the most major differences between these [candidates] is A) their level of experience…Thus far Obama is far more experienced. And secondly, on social issues I have to go with Obama on this one. He believes in the equal rights for all Americans…I feel that if Mitt Romney were more centered in his views about social politics I may have felt differently."

As progressive a personality as she may be, Gaga reports she did give Romney's candidacy more than a cursory look.

"In particular with the case of Mitt Romney, I really did give him a chance. I watched the debates and I looked back and his campaign. I found him to be inconsistent. I felt that he portrayed himself to be a certain way during his earlier campaign with very rigid, top-down Republican economics. It's going to take a lot more than four years to get us out of the mess and I think we need somebody that has a steady hand and a strong focus that knows that you can't be wavered by fear."

Listen to the full interview and follow Lady Gaga's lead: get out and vote. And if you're having problems at your polling place, Gaga's got advice there too.


-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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