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'He Could Become The Next Walt Disney': Kron Moore & Ed Quinn On Tyler Perry & BET's 'The Oval'

(CBS Local)-- Tyler Perry is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and he has created a slew of entertaining shows on BET.

In 2019, he brought "Tyler Perry's Sistas" and "Tyler Perry's The Oval" to the world and two of the biggest beneficiaries of that are actors Kron Moore and Ed Quinn. The duo plays President Hunter Franklin and First Lady Victoria Franklin on the political drama that is providing many with an escape during these trying times.

"We felt like we kind of won the lottery with this," said Quinn in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "Doing a Tyler Perry show right when he is doing his big deal with Viacom and BET+ and Tyler Perry coming home to BET. Everybody is home right now and everyone wants to not be thinking about the situation we're in. This show just seems blessed from beginning to end."

"We've gotten a huge response and our fan base is amazing," said Moore. "We already had a built in fan base because Tyler Perry's fans are die hard. People are love the show and we are the number one scripted show on television."

While both Moore and Quinn have worked for decades in the industry, they've never collaborated with someone like Perry.

"He is a man who built himself up from nothing to be the first black owner of his own studio," said Quinn. "When you go to that studio, it's 320 acres. He could become the next Walt Disney. I think that's his goal. He has the space, he has the infrastructure and the catalog. He's created this unbelievable juggernaut. He's there every single day on set. I live on the lot and I would see him every weekend. He's tireless and was meant to do this."

"He is a history-maker already and a trailblazer already," said Moore. "No one else has been able to do that, especially in the black community. It's just amazing to watch him work. We get to play in a replica of The White House. It's almost to scale and the set is amazing."

"Tyler Perry's The Oval" airs Wednesdays at 9pm EST/PST on BET.

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