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Keri Hilson Says 'Hip Hop Family Christmas' Is All About 'Honoring Your Family, Not Living For The World'

(ViacomCBS) - VH1 presents Hip Hop Family Christmas airing Monday, December 6th at 9PM ET/PT. Hip Hop Family Christmas stars Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo, Terrence J, Serayah, MC Lyte, Redman and more in a film telling the story of Hip-Hop's most famous family after they agree to participate in a live Christmas television special to address negative press and soften their image.

CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Hilson about Hip Hop Family Christmas and her own personal favorite Christmas movies.

MW- Hi Keri! Hip Hop Family Christmas comes to VH1 on Monday, December 6th and alongside yourself we have executive produced by Jamie Foxx and also stars Ne-Yo, Serayah and Terrence J to name a few. How much fun wasn't working with this group?

KH- So fun! First of all, we were in the Christmas spirit already and Terrence J would bring his boombox and set it off to the side so when they would yell cut he would play a Christmas song and he really got us in the in the mood. But Terrence J and Ne-Yo are friends of mine so I got to work with my friends.

I also made new friends with MC Lyte and Redman who play my mother and father. Films are tough, they're grueling days, you're very sleep deprived, especially when you're the lead actor. But having a cast who's awesome like these people it's really the cherry on top...or I should say the star on top of the tree.

MW- Very seasonally appropriate! Now we know there's an Easter egg to look for with Terrence J's boombox.

KH- You'll never see it [laughs]. He did a very good job of hiding it.

MW- I'll still try anyways [laughs]. So introduce us to your character...

KH- My character is Jessica Nixon. She's a TV executive as she straps her family on her back and makes a fairly good attempt at trying to combat the rumors and negative press that her family finds themselves in. She's got the right idea and we get to see the hijinx ensue because it doesn't quite go as the Nixon's planned.

MW- Never does, right?

KH- No, it never does [laughs].

MW- Hopefully your character in this movie will become a part of people's holiday traditions. I'm curious for you, what are some of your favorite Christmas movies looking back?

KH- Oh my gosh. Now hold on because It's not super Christmasy but it gets me in the spirit; Coming To America. I know that may be odd, but every year I must watch Coming To America around Christmas time. My other top pick is Home Alone. I think those would be my two favorite, I could recite Home Alone word for word.

MW- And now Hip Hop Family Christmas will hopefully be the Home Alone for others, what do you hope that people take away from this movie?

KH- You know, there's a strong thread of family that it teaches us to be honest and protective of our family and treat our family members like a good friend. That through line for me was very redeeming to play and to realize even as myself, as Keri.

So this movie is about honoring your family and not living for the world or perception outside of your door. Being honorable within you family's walls.

MW- Absolutely something we can all use a reminder for, especially this time of year. Thank you so much for the time today Keri. Looking forward to the movie and Merry Christmas!

KH- Thank you so much!

Tune in for Hip Hop Family Christmas on VH1 airing Monday, December 6th at 9PM ET/PT. Check your local listing for more information.

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