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Kanye West Almost Got Served By Kim Kardashian's Ex, Delays "Cruel Summer"

Kim Kardashian's ex, NBA player Kris Humphries, is reportedly trying to drag Kanye West into their divorce drama. The estranged couple has been embroiled in a nasty court battle to annul their marriage and, as Kardashian's new beau, Kanye is caught in the middle. 

On July 16,  Humprhries had a subpoena delivered to West. The notice was reportedly buried inside of a Nordstrom’s gift box, according to Us Weekly. Laura Wasser, the attorney representing Kardashian, told a judge on Wednesday that the processor attempted to make the drop to West at the reality show star’s Los Angeles home. But Kardashian intervened.

Humphries has charged his wife of 72 days of defrauding him and that the marriage was used to boost television ratings. However, Wasser said the annulment process has gone on long enough and that Kardashian has been slammed with $250,000 in fees.

Aside from getting served papers, West has been working on his new album Cruel Summer, which has been reportedly pushed back from an August release to September 18. West’s cohort Malik Yusef tweeted that West is putting some finishing touches on the much-anticipated release, and even dropped a hint about Mos Def’s involvement.

“@jascobscottnolan yeah it looks like a push back on, #CRUELSUMMER but our wish has 4 additional features has MOSt DEFinitely been granted," Yusef tweeted.

—Keith Murphy, CBS Local

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