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Jon Bon Jovi: Move On Already

First he was all in. Then he was shunned. Then he attempted an apology. Now he might be out?

The pride of New Jersey, Jon Bon Jovi, and his group of  investing partners were among the first mentioned as interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills after original owner Ralph Wilson passed away.

After submitting a bid, it was rejected because of lack of funds as well as lingering doubts about Bon Jovi's desire to move the western New York team to Toronto, Canada.

Hoping to gain the trust of the team as well as the fans, the rocker wrote a seemingly sincere letter explaining his eagerness to buy the Bills and vehemently assuring he had no plan to move the team outside of Buffalo.

Now, reports out of Buffalo say Jon Bon Jovi is backing out of the hunt to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Is it money related? Is it because the fans have launched a full-on anti-JBJ campaign? Is it because he did want to move the team, but knows he won't be able to after all?

Nobody knows.

I just want him to surrender the dream and move on.

If ya ask me, it was never going to happen from the get go and all the media coverage of Jon Bon Jovi's intentions did nothing but convince everyone involved it's not a good idea for him to own the Buffalo football team.

Donald Trump (investor and mogul) and Terry Pegula (owner of the Buffalo Sabres) were the only true competitors in the hunt and the only two who were seriously considered.

Who will own the Bills?

I don't know, but I know they're staying in Buffalo.




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