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JET ICU Flies Twins Born Premature In Utah, Home To St. Petersburg

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Tampa-based company, JET ICU helped a St. Petersburg, Florida couple bring their twins home which were prematurely born in Utah.

It began more than two months ago when babies, Sydney and David, begin carried by a surrogate mother living in Utah were born prematurely. The twins biological parents, Allison Herman and John Waterman were forced to watch most of their children's first few weeks of life via Facetime from their St. Petersburg home.

The parents' initial plans were to utilize a commercial flight in August to bring their twins home. Being born 10 weeks premature not only stifled the commercial airlines plans due to health concerns, but a 2,000 mile drive with the twins on oxygen nixxed the driving option.

A private flight seemed cost-prohibitive, so the first-time parents travelled to Utah twice to visit their children while developing a plan to eventually bring their children home. Meanwhile, the Hermans had put out a public plea for help. That's when JET ICU stepped in.

Jared Wayt of JET ICU related, "In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we heard they were stuck in Utah. As a Tampa-based company, we like to help out Tampa community people." The flight that would have cost more than $40,000, JET ICU provided to the new family for free. Wayt continued, "JET ICU, we go all around the world, every country you can think of. This is special because we're bringing someone home, this is our community, we work out of this airport, so help someone in this community it just feels extra special."

John shared his gratitude, "I never even met these folks before and they did this for us. We're blessed, we're very fortunate, we're very grateful and we're very humbled by the whole thing."

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