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Is President Obama Using Race, Gender And Religion To Divide America For Political Gain?

While traditionally, the month of February has been a month of celebration and remembrance in observation of the social gains that were made by two Americans (Abraham Lincoln & Frederick Douglass) who influenced the lives and social condition of African-Americans (Black History Month), President Barack Obama took the opportunity on January 31, 2012 to release a new You Tube video for February 2012 titled "President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African-Americans For Obama"  ( .

The video covers 1 minute and 43 seconds of talking points of why African Americans should get involved and support Obama in his 2012 campaign.  On the surface, this video might seem insignificant toward creating a divisive environment among Americans, that is, until one visits President Obama's campaign website.

In visiting Obama's website, visitors there will find a disturbing drop down menu titled "Groups"  listing several categories that Obama and his team have identified as sub-sections of the American population that he believes should be isolated and spoken down to in a way that is different from that of the general public.

In alphabetical order, the groups listed on President Obama's website are :


Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

Jewish Americans


LGBT Americans

People of Faith

Veterans & Military Families


Young Americans

Within each of these sub-categories, Obama panders to the audience with anecdotal talking points seemingly to address the core issues these groups historically show interest in, and offering his administration as the only solution to their needs.  After thoroughly reading each section, one can leave with no other conclusion than to assess the ultimate intent of Obama's  categorizing Americans is to create division, fragmentation, and discord toward one another, or the general population as whole.

This issue creates more troubling questions than his website answers.

I find it interesting and disturbing at the same time that Obama isolates "Jewish Americans" separate from "People Of Faith".  Does he not believe that Jews have faith?  Why does he address 'Young American's" but not the largest pool of registered voters - those over 55 years of age?  Surely "Women" are important, but why is there not a category for "Men"? Further, why is there no mention of "Business Owners" or "Disabled Americans" or other groups?

Of course, some Americans might prefer to identify with these sub-categories recognizing that each has unique issues, expectations and challenges. Yet, each citizen at the same time is first and foremost, and very specifically - American. The issues of some, truly are the issues of all.

The United States of America is a great nation, unlike that of any modern civilization and can take great pride in that it produced the likes of honorable hero's such as Martin Luther King Jr. who fought to bring every category of mankind united together into one face, not judged by the color of her skin, religion, gender, or age.  President Obama's categorization of American's into distinct groups for political gain intentionally works to destroy everything the civil rights movement and King sought to create by inspiring equality and blindness towards differences.

Obama's political strategy actually contradicts  his own words in the 'African Americans For Obama' video of  attempting to create "...a level playing ground" by instead highlighting and focusing Americas attention on the differences of our nation rather than the similarities we share as a people with a greater belief in democracy, freedom and liberty.

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