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Is It Trending? | Dyed Armpit Hair

In Europe, it's commonplace to find women roaming the cobble-stone streets with a little something extra under their arms. Armpit hair is prevalent among these European ladies. Here in the states, however, the act of shaving is highly coveted. Many American women shave every inch of their bodies...

But not every American woman. Some find pit shaving and waxing to be a trite practice with anti-feminist values. Some find pit shaving to be a giant pain in the ass. Either way, these women choose to embrace their hairy pits with great gusto. In fact, blogger Roxie Hunt took her love of armpit hair to new heights with this colorful post.


And, if you want to follow Roxie in her furry journey, she included a full DIY to armpit hair coloring.


Roxie isn't alone in her hunt for greener pastures. Check these ladies out.

Yes, there is an Instagram dedicated to women and their pit hair...

Okay, so armpit dyeing is a thing now and women like Roxie rock it with pride… but what do YOU think of this new trend?

Ladies, are you willing to grow your pit hair, bleach it, dye it and tout it proudly in a tank top? Or do you find this idea to be a bit terrifying and disgusting? Let us know in the poll below AND on Facebook ( and Twitter (@CW44_TampaBay).

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay

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