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How To Dress Like: Beyoncé

Queen Bey continues to reign high in her kingdom. She's the Queen of music, the Queen of booty and the Queen of style. Her subjects look to her with awe and admiration with each passing Instagram style pic. Queen Bey is the Style Supreme.

Bey's loyal subjects can only dream of following in her chic footsteps… until now, that is. It is possible to dress like Queen Bey, and today I will show you how. We can Be like Bey!

Bey Goes Out | Keep this look simple and let the dress and platforms speak for themselves. Beyoncé's legs are the main attraction in this outfit, so give your stems the royal treatment with a natural glow body lotion.

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Dress | Shoe | Bag | Lotion

Beach Bey | This beachy look is all about the plunging neckline, so leave your inanition at home. Keep the rest of the look casual with simple accessories and a wide-brimmed hat.

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Hat | Clutch | Shades | Bracelet | Dress

Brighten my Bey | This look is great for transitioning from day to night. Wear the blazer to the office, then leave the blazer in your car when you head out for drinks after hours. Hint: roll the blazer's sleeves up for a more casual feel.

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TopSkirt | Blazer | Shoes | Bag

Bey in Black | This look screams summer. Go crazy with the flash tattoos to really amp up the all black outfit.

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Top | Skirt | ShoesTats

Bey Wears Short Shorts| This look can go one of two ways. Rock the hot pink skirt and matching pumps, or try the red-hot shorts and matching pumps. Both pair nicely with the pale pink sweater and bag.

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TopShortsSkirt | Pink Shoes | Red Shoes | Bag


ChamBey | Let your chambray romper do the talking with this look. Add a pop of color with the hot pink purse but keep the rest of the look simple, like Bey.

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Romper | Shoes | Sunglasses | Bag

Beyoncé may reign as Queen in her kingdom, but with these looks, you'll be Queen of your's!

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bey

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