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Gossip Girl: Season 6 Only Getting 10 Episodes

News just broke that Gossip Girl's shortened season six is only going to be ten episodes. When first hearing this, we were sad. Only ten more Gossip Girl episodes ever!!! But this got us thinking, a whole lot can happen in ten episodes. I mean come on this is Gossip Girl, there's a scandal in almost every episode. And we hear the finale is going to be epic, The CW's president, Mark Pedowitz, says via TV Line. "It's important for us on this side of the fence to give [Gossip Girl] a satisfactory ending."

So what all could happen in the ten episodes left?! Will Serena be found? Will Dan give away all the Upper East Side secrets in his new book? Chuck and Blair will stay together and get his empire back? Will Jenny come back to cause some havoc, or maybe be normal again? Will Lily and Rufus work things out? What about Nate, will he ever uncover Gossip Girl and put The Spectator on the map? So many questions to be answered and although it's bittersweet we can't wait to see how things end.

Don't miss the season six premiere on October 8th at 9pm on CW44!

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