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Football Girls | Look Cute This Sports Season

Ok so I'll admit it... football is one of the sports that I can tolerate. That is, as long as I have a team to root for... Go Tampa Bay!

The problem I usually have is trying to find an outfit that makes me look like a fan, but that doesn't make me look like a tom-boy or worse un-fashionable. I'm sure I'm not the only girl to feel this way... so I've put together some cute outfit inspirations that can be worn this football season. I mean, if we're going to get dragged to a football game, party or bar to watch the games at least we should look fashionable while doing it.

I chose our Tampa Bay team as my influence for this post, but any other team's colors or items will work. You may notice that some of the logos have been blurred for copyright reasons so use your imagination. ;)

Click the links below each photo to see any item.

...I wear dresses to watch football [girl]

This outfit would be perfect for watching football at a bar or someone's house. It's cute, not too dressy and this dress is perfect for concealing endless amounts of nachos and beer.

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs Football

Dress    Scarf    Jacket    Flats    Bracelet

...I just got out of work [girl]

Get invited to a football party on a Thursday night after work..? Don't fear... just wear a cute outfit like below and throw on your jersey when you get out of work. You can even add the blazer back over the jersey for some added cuteness.

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs FootballBlazer     Skirt     Jersey     Bracelets (1) (2)    Earrings     Shoes

...My boyfriend dragged me here [girl]

You're not really a fan, but you certainly don't want to be sporting the other teams colors. That would just be rude. This outfit would work for a night game, or a sports bar.

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs Football

Jeans    Jacket    Top     Watch     Boots

...I'm actually a football fan [girl]

This is the perfect tailgating outfit... (as long as you don't care about your white shoes getting dirty.) I love these boyfriend jean shorts and V-neck top, plus a hat is always needed for daytime tailgating. Whether it's flip cup, beer pong or corn hole... this outfit can handle it!

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs Football

Shorts    Hat    Shirt    Shoes

...I like to get dressed up [girl]

I thought this outfit looked pirate-ish. You can use the scarf as a head scarf or neck scarf. All you're missing is a peg-leg and an eye-patch.

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs Football

Leggings    Shirt    Scarf    Boots    Bracelets

...I'm going out after the game [girl]

I came across this dress and just loved it. It would be cute for watching a game at a bar or someone's house. It would probably even be cool enough for a daytime game.

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs Football

Dress    Necklace    Sunglasses    Scarf    Flats

...I'm going to a winter game in Tampa [girl]

Let's face it doesn't get too cold in Tampa, but sometimes those January games can get a bit breezy. This is probably what I would wear. I love this Alyssa Milano sweatshirt set.

Cute Sports Gear | Bucs Football

Jeans    Sweatshirt    Shoes    Socks    Watch

So there you have it ladies... a little something for us all. Have a great football season and go Tampa Bay!!!

Tara Wikoff/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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