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Fang-Tastic Gifts for The Vampire Diaries Fans

The Vampire diaries

Just because we won't get to hang out with Elena, Damon, and Stefan during The Vampire Diaries' mid-season hiatus doesn't mean we can't use this time to celebrate our blood-thirsty friends. Here are a few fang-tastic gift ideas for The Vampire Diaries fans:


  • NICE GIRLS series by Molly Harper – When Jane Jameson is fatally injured in a hunting accident, there's only one thing to do…turn her. Now this former librarian has to learn how to make it in an undead world.
  • BOUND BY NIGHT by Larissa Ione – Love the star-crossed love story of Elena and Damon? Then try this novel about a woman struggling to develop a vampire vaccine, and the vampire determined to stop her…until he falls in love with her instead.
  • The basis for the series: THE AWAKENING by L.J. Smith – This is the book that sired not only the show we all love, but dozens of sequels! Enjoy the very first glimpse of Mystic Falls and see how Elena got her start…


  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD: Spend the holidays with Buffy, Angel, and Spike with this 39-disc collector's edition set.



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