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Movie Review: Eddie the Eagle

Based on the real life quest of Eddie Edwards to become an Olympian at the 1988 Calgary Winter Games, Eddie the Eagle rises above expectations one might expect from a cheesy sports film like this with its 1980's vibe, sound and look. Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service) is almost unrecognizable as the goofy, but lovable Eddie who just wants to be an athlete at the Olympics one day. It doesn't matter the sport as seen in a funny little montage showing past failures of the future British Ski-Jump competitor.

Taron Egerton soars (pun intended) as the blue-collar Eddie, who despite pleas from his father, colleagues, Olympic Officials and pretty much everyone else including his new friend Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman) decides he wants become a British Ski-Jumper even if it kills him. Egerton will make you cringe and question Eddie's sanity at times, but he will also make you stand up and cheer as Eddie defies the powers that be who think he shouldn't representing England due to his lack of perceived class.

Egerton proves he's a versatile star in the making and the chemistry between him and Jackman is very enjoyable in Eddie the Eagle. The X-Men star plays the opposite of Eddie's never give up attitude as the fallen star who reluctantly takes Eddie under his wing.  Bronson doesn't necessarily believe in Eddie's athletic prowess, but he can't help but rally around the lovable loser who's happy coming in last place. The duo of Jackman and Egerton is one of the key factors that makes Eddie the Eagle such a fun film to watch.

Eddie the Eagle is one those feel good movies that doesn't try too hard, but still manages to get its message across.  Eddie just wants to compete, which is what the Olympics is all about. It shouldn't matter if you were first or last, but the fact you where at the event representing your country is something special. That's something no one can take that away from you. If want to see a film that will inspire you to never take no for an answer, check out Eddie the Eagle.

Overall, I give Eddie the Eagle 3 out of 4 charming and inspiring stars.

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