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Underrated TV Deserves a Second Chance!!

It's official! Veronica Mars fans are probably the best fans a cancelled TV show has ever had!

2006 Summer TCA Day 8
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The beloved, but severely underrated UPN (now considered The CW) series Veronica Mars is making a comeback and it is all thanks to a few, dedicated fans. Rob Thomas (creator) and Kristen Bell (star) posed a challenge to their fans. They proposed to begin production on a Veronica Mars movie on Kickstarter, under one condition: fans had to raise the money to fund the movie themselves. Well played Rob Thomas, well-played.

"Oh please, that's nothing," said fans as they accepted the challenge! Not only did they raise the $2 million needed to fund the movie, they did so in 11 measly hours! Insane. This gesture obviously proved to Warner Bros. that fans are seriously excited about the possibility of a Veronica Mars movie, and so production begins!

This exciting news got me thinking; is underrated TV sometimes the best TV? Veronica Mars was cancelled and tossed aside, but the overwhelming support from fans proves that the show was under-appreciated. So, what other CW shows deserve another chance?

The Secret Circle could easily translate to the big screen. If Harry Potter can do magic in a movie theatre, so can Cassie Blake. The Ringer, starring one of our favorites, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is a show still missed by CW fans and one of the latest that the Twitter-verse can't let go of is Emily Owens, M.D..


So maybe we give up too easily. Some of our favorite shows are the ones that just can't find their way through the vicious  jungle that is reality TV, but can we fault them for that? If Veronica Mars 'the movie'  is any indication of the future, I believe that we the people have more say than ever before. Fellow TV lovers, I ask you to stay dedicated, stay passionate and never let them tell you that your favorite show can't make it in this crazy, screwy world!

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