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Opinion: Democratic Millionaires Spew Hate On The Rich

The Right Politics

The most ridiculously annoying aspect of the Democratic political run for offices in 2012 is the incredibly long line of leftist millionaires who continually spew extreme hate and venom on the wealthy. Every time a financially successful person gets up before the masses and promotes the leftist’s class warfare by denouncing the successful and wealthy persons and businesses among us, it is the most bizarre thing happening in the current elective campaign process. The millionaires who chastise the wealthy – basically yelling “those damn rich people” – are basically yelling “damn me!”

While many of us enjoy John Stewart on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” due to his comedic take on things, he is maddening when he glares into the camera, grits his teeth, and tries to convince his audience that being wealthy is wrong for America. Many of Stewart’s routines have to do with criticizing the nation’s wealthy – including, of course, Mitt Romney and his ilk. Problem is that many of Stewart’s hateful suggestions thrown at Romney and his ilk could logically be thrown on every wealthy person in the country – including John Stewart himself. John Stewart is a very successful and wealthy person because of the America that has existed. So what’s his problem with others enjoying the labored-fruits the nation has to offer its select few?

Beyond the media’s millionaires who throw dirt on the nation’s most successful people – including themselves, of course – there are all of these multi-million dollar politicians who hide behind Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax forms and spew hate at anyone who has been a financial success in this country. Most notably, we’ve got Harry Reid – a Democratic politician who somehow became a multi-millionaire on a politician’s salary through the years and who has never released tax info on himself – having the audacity of talking down success and wealth in this country.

Former President Bill Clinton has many great attributes to his credit. However, he continually strikes a sour chord when he speaks negatively of those who have financially succeeded in America. No doubt, Bill Clinton is the pinnacle of success accompanied by personal financial growth in this country. Why does any politician like Bill Clinton believe that it is all right for him to have enjoyed the best America has to offer but others shouldn’t? Not only is it not fair, it’s not logical.

Of course, then we have President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, leading the long line of millionaires with their Hollywood elite friends, acquaintances, and donors it tow. What is with the handing of ammunition to the impoverished citizen-troops in America to fight the wealthy when they are the ones enjoying the best of the best that can be had anywhere in the world?

Then to hear that the Democratic National Convention delegates have been hoodwinked into believing in regulated-wealth for American businesses so that they can’t have too much of the best America has to offer. Beyond having to “share the wealth”, now it’s “never get the wealth”.

The “left” ought to keep fighting for their differing beliefs on social issues, foreign policies, the economy, health care, and the like. But when it comes to arming themselves against the wealthy, it’s incredibly disgusting. They obviously love the wealth they’ve got.

Ironically, outspoken millionaires on the left say that conservatives shouldn’t have the wealth they have – but they haven’t done a damn thing to go without their own wealth. And, no doubt, they wouldn’t trade one day of their luxurious lives for the lives of Americans – and American businesses – existing on limited-finances.

About Scott Paulson

Scott Paulson writes political commentary for and teaches English at a community college in the Chicago area. The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of CBS Local.


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