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'She Needs To Resign': Coweta Co. School Board Member Who Attended Trump Rally Asked To Step Down

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. (CW69 News) -- A group calling for Coweta County Board of Education Member Linda Menk to resign protested outside a school board meeting this week. Inside, parents also demanded her resignation in response to her attending President Donald Trump's rally in D.C., where a mob stormed into the U.S. Capitol.

They also condemned several of what they called extremist Facebook posts dating back to July. "Every parent that has a child in Coweta County Schools should be absolutely terrified," said one of several parents who spoke during the public comment part of the meeting.

The protesters are members of the Elite Youth Organization's Citizens for Positive Reform. They started one of the petitions for Menk's removal. As of today, more than 1,200 people have signed their petition. "She posted on one of the Facebook posts that she was looking at the people that were entering the Capitol," said Monique Sharpe, a spokesperson for CPR.

Sharpe said Menk didn't acknowledge the people who died and the damage caused during the insurrection. "Freedom of speech does not always mean freedom of consequence," Sharpe said. "For us to move forward, we do feel that she needs to resign from her position."

Menk had some supporters during the meeting. "I don't believe Ms. Mink, or any board member here or any school board member in the United States gives up their First Amendment right when they run for office," said one speaker.

Former School Board Chairman Amy Dees issued this statement:

Ms. Menk's comments are her own and do not involve the business of the school system, but as I stated last night, she is entitled to her first amendment right and can freely post what she chooses; however, I feel strongly that an elected official should be held responsible for the consequences of those posts. It saddens me that Ms. Menk continues to be a distraction to the school system with her continued disruptions. Her comments are her own and do not reflect the work going on in this district.

"Parents feel like she's not really representing the diverse population of Coweta County Schools," said Sharpe.

Menk did not immediately respond to CW69's request for comment, but later indicated by email she and her attorney would answer our questions in writing. During the school board meeting she said, "I don't apologize for it. I participated in a very peaceful rally in support of your protection, the protection of your right to vote."

Parents are also calling for an investigation into her attendance at the Trump rally.

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