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Coronavirus Home Tips: How To Stay Calm, Well-Fed And Healthy During The COVID-19 Outbreak

If coronavirus concerns have you worrying about the logistics of self-isolating and quarantine—or at least wondering how to stock your pantry, use what's in it, and keep everything clean—you're in the right place.

Below, find all our best advice for making sure your kitchen is well-stocked, safe, and a place of comfort, plus CNET's tips on making the most of working from home, and cleaning your high-touch gadgets. It's useful information even in the best of times, and we hope it helps ease any anxiety you may be feeling at the moment.

We're also covering how to support local restaurants when they're not open for normal business, how to help more community members, and ways to keep yourself (and your kids) occupied and help manage stress.

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We'll continue to update with all our newest tips and info as it becomes available.

You can use the links to jump to a specific section, or keep scrolling to see everything:

What To Stock Up On

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What To Cook

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What & How To Clean

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What Online Delivery Services To Use

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  • Our Favorite Grocery, Pantry & Food Delivery Options – If you can't get to the store, you can have almost anything delivered; these are our top choices for delivery and subscription services of all sorts. Update: Due to the unprecedented increase in demand, some of these services are currently experiencing delays and some are not accepting new orders, but the situation changes daily.
  • How to Safely Shop for Groceries, in Person or Online – Practical tips for shopping at the store or using online delivery services that minimize your risk and the risk of everyone around you.
  • 3 Ways to Order Alcohol Online – We're not advocating you attempt to drink away all your worries, but if you could use a little something to help you relax right now, there are various ways to order booze online (though it does depend on where you live).
  • Our Favorite Snack Boxes to Order Online – If there was ever a time to treat yourself, it's now, and these boxes bring goodies from around the globe right to your door.
  • Meat Delivery & Subscription Options – Whether you don't have a local source of great, organic meat and poultry or you're just finding it hard to come by right now, there are several meat delivery options to try.
  • The Best Baby Food Delivery Services – Have a little one you need to keep happy? Try one of these baby food delivery services; you'll love them too.
  • Our Favorite Pet Food Delivery Options – Of course, your furry friends need to eat, and these are some of the best pet food delivery options for dogs and cats.

What Else You Can Do

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