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Controversial Halloween Costumes of 2011

Controversial costumes
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What do anorexia, illegal aliens, and child terrorists all have in common? They comprise this year's most controversial costume selections.  If you love being the center of attention we've provided you with your costumes, if you want to avoid controversy here's what not to dress up as and if you like being "in-the-know" read below to understand just how profound these costumes are.

We all know how it goes, the top news stories end up at everyone's Halloween costumes parties every year. There are always one or two friends who push the boundary on what should or shouldn't be joked about. We have comprised a list of costumes that will definitely have your head turning, toward them or away from them we don't know, but at least now you've had your warning.

For months we all watched her sitting in the courtroom. One of the most hated women in the United States. Come on you had to know this was coming, none other than Ms. Casey Anthony herself and of course the ruffle pink shirt.

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We all knew this was coming. No idea why someone would want to dress up like this man, but I'm sure it's bound to happen. Introducing the most hated man in the United States, Osama Bin Laden.

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Meet Anna Rexia (get it?). Most retailers have (sensibly in our opinion) pulled Miss. Anna from the shelves.  "You can never be to rich or too thin" is how anorexia, we mean "Anna Rexia" is being sold.

Banned- Anorexia Costume
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This illegal alien costume is certainly a new premise for a Halloween costume. Aliens certainly fit the bill for the spooky holiday of Halloween, but the ones that hold green cards are new to us. What do you think of the costume?

Banned- Illegal Alien Costume
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This is "Kung Fool" mask has caused much controversy. Even the name denotes negativity. What do you think? We suggest bringing your ninja friends if you plan wearing this anywhere public.

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Now this is just sick. Don't be alarmed. It's just a child terrorist. What parents would allow their kids to adorn themselves in fake TNT we don't want to know. We just hope this kid heard a funny joke before the taking of this picture, otherwise the enjoyment is too much for the context of what's going on here.

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Again, we don't condone any of these costumes we just thought you would be interested to know what is out there this year in case you plan on attending any costume parties. Happy Halloween!!

So, what do you think about these controversial costumes? Tacky? Insane? Funny? Have you seen worse? We want to hear your thoughts!


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