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Changing Lives And Staying Fashion Forward

We award our movie stars and music artists for all the hard work they have done, but we often forget to acknowledge the volunteers and young people who lend their hand to others all over the world. vInspried is the UK's leading youth volunteering charity. Their goal is to give young people with a desire to give back the opportunity to do so in anway that each want. The vInspired National Awards is the country's biggest celebration of young volunteers. Take a look at some of these outstanding people and their contributions. These are some of the finalists from the vInspired National Awards 2013 in Camden Roundhouse, London.

All Around Commitment To Volunteering

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Beth, Carthy, 18, Chester 

Beth created an ADHD youth club , that allows suffers to make new friend and try new activities. They now have a support group for families and friends.

Most Outstanding NCS Team

team ncs

The Padgate Team, Warrington

They created a community fun day, asking for donations of food or clothing instead of an entrance fee. More than 130 people donated items for the shelter.

Best Young Volunteer


Amy May Knowles, 16, Cirencester

Amy launched her own charity to help raise awareness to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Bringing Communities Together

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Eliza Rebeiro, 19, Croydon

Eliza created the Lives not Knives project. The project aims to prevent gang related violence in Croydon by running road shows in over 60 primary and secondary schools.


Although this event was aimed at rewarding those individuals for their accomplishments and dedication in giving back to the community, I cannot disregard the amazing fashion at the celebration!

Below are few photos of those who came to support the Vinspired National Awards 2013 in style.

vInspired Awards - Arrivals
(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Katie Piper's galactic skirt and pointed plum heel looks great with that black sheer top!

vInspired Awards - Arrivals
(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Gabriella Ellis in a leather-sleeved, black blazer and a cream mini-dress.

vInspired Awards - Arrivals
(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Will Best, in his best. A trending printed dress shirt and charcoal suit.

vInspired Awards - Arrivals
(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)

Sam Fryer and Billie JD are mixing their patterns so well. The pink shoe really completes this look (I am definitely stealing this).


These kids are truly an inspiration. Their work in the community is wonderful and they look great while doing it! To learn more about the vInspired National Awards and ways to make an impact click here or go to

Ashli Redd/ CW44 Tampa Bay

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