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'It's Ten Times More Exciting': Case Walker On Season 2 Of 'The Other Two' & Teenage Fame

(CBS Local)-- Case Walker is only 18 years old and already has millions of followers across TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. The actor and singer became famous at an early age and that's why he was the perfect person to play the character Chase Dubek on the series "The Other Two." The show is produced by Comedy Central Productions, season one of the series aired on Comedy Central and season two has been moved to HBO Max.

Walker stars alongside Heléne Yorke, Drew Tarver, Molly Shannon and Ken Marino in a show about a brother and sister named Cary and Brooke who are struggling to find themselves as their little brother Chase becomes an internet sensation overnight. Season two is streaming now and CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith recently caught up with Walker to discuss the new season, his relationship with fame and why he enjoys rock climbing so much.

"It's been quite the journey through COVID and it's been a lot of hard work, but it has kind of been rewarding to have the show out on HBO recently," said Walker. "It's just been a big learning experience and kind of proves that if you put the work in you can make it happen, even in a pandemic. It ended up working out really well even in a pandemic."

"It's such a great environment with everyone on set and we happen to have a great cast and a great crew. We all have been working together for about four years, so it was a lot of fun and exciting to get back at it, especially through COVID. It was actually most exciting recently to be at the premiere and know that we are finally getting this out to the people."

While there are many interesting parts to story about Walker's character Chase becoming famous, the actor is most interested in the fact that he's just a kid. Chase really loves singing and his family. just like Walker and that's why playing this role has allowed him to reflect on his own journey and relationship with fame over the past four years.

"Overall, Chase just loves his family and the craft of singing," said Walker. "That's all that really matters to him in the end and I think that's what makes him special. There were a lot of parallels with Chase and I originally because he likes to sing and I like to sing and we both enjoy it outside of the career work. It was cool to have that in the beginning and the social media thing was a big thing for Chase and a big thing for me. We are both teens, but we are also in this crazy famous acting and entertainment industry."

"It took about four years to kind of adjust because you can't make it about what other people think," said Walker. "Everyone all of the sudden has thoughts about you and who they think you are and people know different sides of you. You just kind of have to stay grounded in yourself. I got out there and experienced all of that and then I just came back to being a person and coming back to acting and loving it. You also have to have gratitude about it. You get complicated and come back to a simple place again."

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