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Buccaneers Prepare For Chiefs

By Kyra Hallett

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are preparing to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6. With the Bucs having their bye week in Week Five, they got a head start on preparing for the Chiefs.

The team had "two more days of exposure to Kansas City," said head coach Greg Schiano. "Had a good start...(we) evaluated a lot of things."

Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan said, "We took a hard look at what was working well and what's not working well and why."  In the first four games, Sullivan said he was surprised by how little they called some plays and how often they ran others.

The running game was one of the things that the team addressed during their week off.  Sullivan admitted that sometimes the run failed because he "called the wrong run at the wrong time."


Schiano said, "LeGarrette (Blount) practiced better the last couple of weeks and I believe when you practice better you play better."  Schiano has made it sound like Blount would get more carries before, but he has yet to execute it.  Things can change once the game comes along, but it is sounding that Blount could get some more touches this week.

Another thing the team addressed was right guard.  Schiano said they have been trying "to lock into something, maybe one or two players. Moving a few guys there."

One name that keeps coming up to fill in at right guard is Jeremy Trueblood.  Trueblood is usually a tackle and Demar Dotson has taken over his spot.  Schiano said Trueblood is a very smart football player and would be able to make the transition.  He did not practice on Monday due to a stomach virus.  Ted Larsen has been playing there and Schiano said he is not out of the plan.  The team is looking for "who we think the best is for this week," said Schiano.

The Chiefs are preparing back-up quarterback Brady Quinn,to start Sunday because starting quarterback Matt Cassel has not been cleared to practice since receiving a concussion in Week Five game versus the Baltimore Ravens.  Quinn has not started a game since 2009, when he was a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Coach Schiano said they have been watching footage of Quinn and "plays may change depending on who the quarterback is."

Another key player to the Chiefs offense is running back Jamaal Charles.  Schiano said he is an "extraordinary player."

Schiano's main mission is to "try to improve each time we hit the field (and) eventually get pretty good." He added, "How do you play better? You play better by preparing better, you play better by practicing better."

A player that the coaches have been impressed with is wide receiver, Mike Williams.  "I think he is playing at a high level," said Schiano. "Mike has improved steadily since we took over here."  Sullivan shares the same praise, "really excited he is on our team."

Another player that Sullivan has been impressed by is quarterback Josh Freeman.  "His work ethic and willingness to learn. He is putting so much time and effort into this and couldn't be more pleased."

Schiano has been impressed with is defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy. "Gerald has had a good first quarter of the season."

One defensive player that was a question this week is cornerback, Eric Wright.  He took a hard hit, a knee to the head, in the game versus the Washington Redskins in Week Four.  Coach said, "he looks like he is doing fine."

"We are what we are," said Schiano. "We're getting better."

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Kyra Hallett is a freelance writer and a Multimedia Sports Journalist. She has experience covering Tampa Bay sports in many outlets including Her dream job would be to work with the athletes and their fans. You can view some of her work at or here at

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