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Box Office Psychic (8-24)

The Expendables 2 $27 million dollar take was disappointing considering the hype and star power surrounding the sequel. As much of a disappointment the opening weekend was for Sly and company, the old timers may hold on to the box office crown for a one of more week. Late August turns into the dumping grounds for films the studios didn't believe in.

The first challenger will be Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is hot off his role in The Dark Knight Rises. Levitt plays a bike messenger named Wilee who comes into possession of an envelope that one dirty cop wants his hands on. A chase ensues through the city with Wilee cycling for his life. Think Quicksilver meets Die Hard. I'm a huge Gordon-Levitt fan but this film will not win the race to the top of the box office. When you think action thriller, the word bicycle messenger doesn't come to mind. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is proving himself to be a star but he can only carry this movie so far. I predict $9 Million dollars for Premium Rush this weekend.

The second film, Hit and Run, may have hard time just breaking the top 10. Hit and Run tells the story of former getaway driver Charlie (Dax Shepard) who's hiding out in witness protection. Charlie comes out of hiding to get his girlfriend Annie (Kristen Bell) to Los Angeles while his old crew tries to exact revenge. Bradley Cooper and Tom Arnold round out the cast for the film written by Shepard. I have not spoken to one person who is even aware of this film despite the positive reviews the film has received. The previews that are available don't capture the tone of the film and I expect Hit and Run to fizzle out at the box office making a mere $6 million dollars.

The one film that could take out the hired mercenaries is The Apparition starring Twilight alum Ashley Greene. The film centers on a group of college kids who unleash an evil spirit. There has been a lack of horror movies this summer and this late entry could quench fans of the genre's thirst. You noticed I used the word "could" in that prediction. The film is rated PG-13 which will attract the teen crowd but will turn off most horror aficionados. I predict The Apparition will make $4 million dollars at the box office this weekend and then have a steep drop off the following weekend.

Even though The Expendables 2 underperformed this past weekend, I still expect Stallone and company to be number one at the box office. The lack of quality competition will allow The Expendables 2 to win the box office again taking in $15 million dollars this weekend. Do you agree with my predictions? Let me know your opinions on Twitter @CW44CouchPotato or become a fan of CW44's Couch Potato on Facebook and leave your comments here.

1.  The Expendables 2 - $15 million

2.  The Bourne Legacy - $12 Million

3.  ParaNorman - $11 Million

4.  Premium Rush - $9 Million


1. The Expendables 2 – $13.5 million
2. The Bourne Legacy – $9.3 million
3. ParaNorman – $8.6 million
4. The Campaign – $7.4 million
5. The Dark Knight Rises – $7.2 million

The Expendables 2 won the box office but it's the lowest total for a box office winner this year with $13.5 million. I was close on my picks except for Premium Rush. What happened? I'm a big Gordon-Levitt fan but this proves he's not ready to carry a movie on his own yet. Hopefully he will fare better when he's paired with Bruce Willis in Looper later in this fall. I guess bicycles and action don't equal cash at the box office. The film that made the most impact was 2016: Obama's America. The anti-Obama documentary should see it's theater count rise looking to cash in during this political season.

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