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Box Office BOMBS Away

You knew it was bound to happen. If you have read any of my recent "Box Office Psychic" columns, I stated that this time a year can be hard on the box office. Vacations, nice weather and sometimes movie viewing fatigue can surface in the month of June which can hurt ticket sales at the box office. I thought for the past few weeks this situation could occur but films such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Madagascar 3 made big money in theaters their opening weekend. That all changed this weekend when we had not one, but two box office bombs in the same weekend.

The first was the musical Rock of Ages, the campy sing along tribute to 80s hair bands. I've gone on record stating I despise musicals but even me, the Couch Potato Commentater, the biggest hater of them all couldn't have predicted this poor of a showing. Rock of Ages only managed to drum up $15 million in ticket sales. Cut the music because this song and dance is over at the box office. I would rather sit through The Artist again than see this movie but I still thought the film would have doubled what it actually grossed this past weekend. Julianne Hough showed she is not ready to carry a film on her own and people decided not to buy into Tom Cruises rock star persona despite many critics pointing to Cruise's performance as the saving grace of this film. I'll take their word for it and pass on this one.

The next dud came from a man who has made some of the biggest turds shine at the box office. Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg's raunchy collaboration in That's My Boy barely cracked the top five for the weekend box office earning $13 million. Sandler has been skating on thin ice even with his hardcore fans for a while and it seems that last year's Jack and Jill may have caused them to pull in their life line for Sandler at the box office. What's a shame is That's My Boy is the funniest Sandler film in the last five years but it looks like the movie going public have tuned Adam's man-child characters out. Let's just hope this doesn't hurt Andy Samberg chances to land more starring roles because the guy is a comedic talent.

Last week's big money makers created little wiggle room for other films to cash in this weekend. Prometheus dropped sixty percent from its opening weekend but still finished in second place with $20 million which is respectable but no one can stop our favorite animal fugitives. Madagascar 3:  Europe's Most Wanted ruled the box office again making $35.5 million in its second week. I stink at math but if my calculations are right that's more than That's My Boy and Rock of Ages combined. Expect this all to change when Brave attempts to shoot down Alex and friends this weekend, but you will have to wait for my prediction at the end of the week in "Box Office Psychic."

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