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The Biggest Question About The Bucs No One Is Talking About

Tampa (CBS) - The rookies reported to training camp on Wednesday and had their first practice yesterday. Over the last few weeks everyone has written about 5 questions that must be answered from the team. Will Josh Freeman step up? Will Darrelle Revis be healthy? What will the defensive end combo of Bowers and Clayborn do? Will Davin Joseph and Carl Nicks be healthy? There is one question that no one has brought up, including me. Will a different Schiano get better results?

All last year we heard about details, details, details. We heard about toes on the line. I'll even take it a step further. I heard he told guys what to eat, when to eat and what temperature to sleep at in their room. Now by all accounts he has softened up. He has given guys more freedom. He has cut back on the controlling iron fist which he ruled with last year, but will that get the team to better than 7-9?

See I'm all for being a players coach with a team that can handle it. I'm not saying Schiano has turned into a players coach however he is considerably softer than last year. Can this team handle it, a team without Ronde Barber? Who is the leader of this team? Last year I would've said that the leader of the team was Greg Schiano, this year I'm not sure, and as a matter of fact, neither are the Buccaneers.

So as we get ready to embark on a new season of promise with 5, 10 or however many questions you have unanswered, let's remember the question no one is talking about: With a softer Schiano, who is going to take the leadership role? It needs to be a player and not a coach. To me that is the biggest question that no one is asking.

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