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Booger McFarland: Oh BJ Upton, Where Are You? Not Here.

It's amazing how often we complain about things in life. Those very things that we complain about, we love them but at the same time we hate them because we pick out the very things that they aren't good at or need they can't fulfill. But wait until those things are gone. Man do we miss the hell out of them.

Which brings me to Melvin Upton or as you may know him, BJ. I've heard all the stories of how this young man was immature and lazy during his time in Tampa Bay. I've heard people say, "I know he's athletic and makes plays look easy but he still isn't trying hard enough." I've also heard that he had a very nonchalant way of doing things and that bothered the baseball purists.

Well all he did when he was here was develop into one of the best defensive center fielders in baseball and the most reliable power threat this organization has had in a while. For all the base running blunders he made, didn't he save you several runs with that same athletic ability that you say he cheated you with? And, oh yeah, the strikeouts, well he needed to do better with those but after all he's not perfect. He's just now entering into the prime of his career, one that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia with his brother Justin.

So as the Rays open the season, I want every fan out there who questioned ole BJ over the years to just be honest with yourself at some point during the season. When the Rays are struggling offensively as the pitching staff gives up 1,2,1,3 runs a night, ask yourself, what would BJ do? More importantly ask if you wish he was still here being in the prime of his career, patrolling center field for your Tampa Bay Rays.

Oh BJ where are you? He's not here, but I guarantee he will be missed.

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