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Booger McFarland: Darrelle Revis May Not Matter At All

We have had so much debate over the last few weeks about Darelle Revis. Do we need him? Do we want him? How many draft picks is it gonna take? How much do we need to pay him? Did I miss any? I think we have missed the point just a little as I step back and take a deep breath from all the Revis hoopla.

The point we've missed is quite a significant one. It's not about Revis solely. It boils down for me to our thoughts on Josh Freeman. There was an article that came out this week that everyone at One Buccaneer Place is sold on Josh, except Greg Schiano. If that is the case then Revis doesn't matter at all. Follow me.

It's a quarterback league and if you don't have one, you are trying to get one. Let's say you agree with Schiano and you aren't sold on Freeman. Then you my friend do not need Revis because a team with no quarterback is a team that, regardless of who's playing cornerback, is a team that isn't going anywhere fast. So if that's the case then there's no need to trade for Revis.

Let's say you think that Freeman is the QB of the now and the future. Then you should be in full go get Revis mode because he can help make Josh a better QB. He can help a defense turn the ball over. He can help a pass defense that was last become better which would result in more possessions for an offense that, at times, looked unstoppable. He makes your team better which gets you closer to the playoffs.

So you see it's not all about Revis. It's about Freeman and Revis because one without the other doesn't really matter. What do you think?

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