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(BLOG) Rollergirl's Stories We Missed

It's been a busy week with the Buc's win over the Steelers, the start of MLB's postseason and Oregon getting beat in college football, but there are some Stories We Missed.

This week New York City's Carnegie Deli created a sandwich to honor the retired New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter. It's called the "Derek Jeter Triple Club Sandwich" and it's a super sized turkey sandwich. Jeter has 5 World Series wins, so the gigantic sandwich had ingredients: turkey, bacon, American cheese, tomato and lettuce on toasted white bread. Seems like a simple sandwich, but this sandwich cost a whopping $28! They say it is so large that it feeds a family of four.

I enjoy beer and now I have to consume more beer because researchers say it makes you smarter. An Oregon State University study shows a flavonoid found in hops could slow down memory degradation in humans and animals. The used mice to do the study and the young mice showed improvement in spacial memory and cognitive flexibility. I believe this only works for mice because when I drink beer I get more stupid and make horrible decisions. Another thought I had was how much beer can a mouse drink, not much right?

Saturday the Florida Gators travel to Tennessee and the Volunteers have a new motto "Third Down for What", so of course Lil John has now been spray painted on their rock. Lil John has been supporting the Vols all week on social media saying "Beat Florida". Rumor has it that he will be at the game Saturday in the student section.

The Nationals are once again in the MLB postseason and they have the best ticket giveaway ever...Find the Jayson Werth gnome! The team hid 100 Jayson Werth gnomes in and around the D.C. area, but not all 100 gnomes equal playoff tickets. Werth autographed only six of the figures, which represent the six opportunities to score tickets to Game 2 of the NLDS.

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