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(BLOG) Rollergirl Catches Us Up With The Stories We Missed For The Week

It's been a busy week with David Price making his debut as a Tiger at Tropicana Field, LeGarrette Blount getting busted with marijuana and Johnny Manizel giving the middle finger salute to the Redskins, but I have some stories you may have missed.

It's preseason football and some stadiums around the country weren't ready for the masses of hungry fans and San Francisco's new stadium Levi's Stadium ran out of food completely. There's an app that allows spectators to order food and have it delivered to their seats. The menu includes new items like Indian and Vegan fare you won't usually find at a sports stadium. No wonder they ran out of food. If I could order grub on an app and not have to leave my seat I'd order everything. Meantime, the 49ers were shutout by the Broncos 34-0 in their first contest.

Speaking of eating too much...Joey Chestnut has reclaimed his title as the dumpling king, eating 384 of the dumplings in 10 minutes. The reigning gyoza-eating champ Matt Stonie put down 377 potstickers at the World Gyoza Eating Championships in L.A. Next up for Chestnut -- the World Rib Eating Championships in Sparks, NV, where he'll try to defend his title for the 5TH straight year!

Everybody I know if pouring buckets of ice cold water on their head for ALS, but the Brooklyn Cyclones have taken it to new level. The team is hosting a 90s night and recently poured buckets of slime on the teams front office. Just like Double Dare on Nickelodeon back in the early 90s, the team is hosting a night on August 27 with slime jerseys and all the proceeds of the game going to the ALS Association.

This week Mo'Ne Davis made headlines in the Little League World Series and someone is making a profit off faked autographed baseballs on Ebay. One ball sold for $510, while two others have bids of $450 and $350. There's no proof that Davis signed the balls and she needs to be careful of signing anything as it could jeopardize her amateur status and affect her NCAA eligibility.

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