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(BLOG) Pants' Top 10 Fantasy QB's

10). Nick Foles -There's no way that Foles can duplicate last year when he threw 27 TD's with only 2 interceptions. That being said, he should still have a strong 2nd year in Chip Kelly's offense.


9). Robert Griffin III -RGIII will be one of the steals of your draft. He's 100% and he will be better from the pocket this year. I like him... A lot.


8). Jay Cutler - Finally this cry-baby is going to stop crying and start BALLIN'. Marshall and Jeffery are the best 1-2 WR combo in the NFL. Mix in Matt Forte, Martellus Bennett and a sold and you have a recipe for fantasy success.


7). Colin Kaepernick -He's Cam Newton with weapons. Always a threat on the ground, look for Kaep to be more of a threat through the air.


6). Tom Brady - Tom Terrific's fantasy value all depends on Gronk's health.


5). Mathew Stafford - Golden Tate will make him even better. He's a much better fantasy QB than a reality QB, but who cares about real football???


4). Andrew Luck - THIS is the year that Andrew Luck TAKES OFF! 3 good WR's + 0 good RB's = Fantasy Stud


3). Peyton Manning -He can't do better than last year, can he???


2). Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay should have the best offense in football. The only reason's he not Number 1 are Eddie Lacy stealing TD's and......


1). He's not Drew Brees. Not only does Brees have Graham, Colston, Cooks and company. He doesn't have any premier RB's vulturing touchdowns. He's got Sean Payton's playbook and he plays indoors.


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