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Best Tampa Bay Fashion Blogs

Tampa Bay has a plethora of fashion gurus who share their knowledge and love for style with local readers. The following fashion blogs are all written in our Tampa Bay area and help local readers find their perfect, affordable style. With these local blogs, readers will be able to re-create the looks they find online by following the listed advice and visiting the local store. Who else knows the Tampa Bay area like a resident?

Belle de Couture
Jennifer Rand

What started as a small style diary for Jennifer Rand has become one of Tampa Bay's most popular fashion blogs, Belle de Couture. Rand's styles are different than the other blogs because she focuses on vintage and thrift fashions which can actually help shoppers save money and still look great. Jennifer's blog shows stylish, yet very Tampa-sensible outfits at local locations that could be worn every day. Most recently Belle de Couture has focused on fall fashions and some of the trendiest looks of the season. The blog also has a link to Threadflip, where readers can purchase some of their favorite pieces at a discounted rate. Some of the author's favorite pieces can be found under the "craving" section of the blog, where readers can also pursue a link and can be directed on how to purchase their favorite fashions featured on Belle de Couture.

Bon Bon Rose Girls
Megan Yarmuth and Kristin Swenson

The Bon Bon Rose Girls blog has a great concept that brings two unique fashion perspectives from authors who live in different cities. Best friends Kristin and Megan started the Bon Bon Rose Girls site while living a thousand miles apart as they shared their love for fashion, interior decorating and much more. Kristin, who is based in Tampa, and Megan, who lives in the Washington D.C. area, work together to give readers tips and other ideas on how to create the perfect look whether it be out of your own closet or how to do homemade projects. Bon Bon Rose Girls also has another blogger names Jessica Lane. Jessica, who is also from Tampa, is an expert on wedding details and do-it-yourself projects. The blog also has additional categories of food to help make the perfect dinner party "trendy."

The Hanh Solo
Hanh Nguyen

The Tampa Bay blog The Hanh Solo was created to show the author's style through a virtual diary. Readers can get style ideas for every occasion from going to the beach to a formal night out. The best part is that Hanh shows pictures in every post of outfits that she has assembled. Included in each post is a list of details that include where readers can buy the outfit and even the accessories for themselves. This way, if the reader wants to create the same look for themselves, they know exactly where to find it.

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Makeup And Beauty Blog
Karen Monterichard

The Makeup and Beauty Blog by Karen Monterichard gives the ladies of Tampa Bay tips, tutorials and style ideas for every look. The blog has eight categories that include product reviews, makeup, style and fashion, tips and tutorials, nails, skincare and much more. Readers can read about the newest nail color shade for the season and the brand and store to find it. Readers will also see product reviews on foundations and see pictures on what the makeup looks like after using. The author of the blog really does a great job in showing prices and advantages and disadvantages of all products.

Ruffles And Truffles
Katie Compton

Katie Compton's blog Ruffles and Truffles is a great personal style blog that helps Tampa Bay shoppers find a great look that really suits them. Katie gives advice on shopping and beauty to Tampa Bay residents to help find affordable fashion right here in the Bay. But Katie's blog doesn't stop at wardrobe fashion as she used her recent experience to show stylish "Do-It-Yourself" projects to make your home feel sassy too.

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Bethany Cohen is a resident of Tampa and enjoys sharing her love for the city with others. Bethany loves traveling and learning about new cultures. She currently writes for Her work can be found on

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