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Best Resources For Homeschool Families In Tampa Bay

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Local homeschooling parent Christina Jenks gave some helpful hints and suggestions about homeschooling. She states that one advantage to homeschooling is that she can give her children more individualized lesson plans based on their needs and their learning level.

Mrs. Jenks commended the local school district for working well with parents who choose to homeschool their children. She advised that any parent who decides to homeschool their children should check online for homeschooling groups in their neighborhood and for activities for homeschooling children to get together with other children. She also stated that, although homeschooling has its advantages, children still have to complete the same assessments and yearly tests that public school children have to take. Read on for a few more resources for Tampa Bay families.


K12 is an online homeschooling resource that provides teaching guides, online lessons, assessments and built-in planning and progress tools to assist parents in homeschooling their children. K12 offers material kits that contain everything parents need to homeschool their children. It has become a leader in the online education business and is known for providing learning solutions for children and parents around the country.

Exploring Homeschooling

Exploring Homeschooling is a Christian-based ministry that encourages Christian parents to include biblical studies in their homeschooling efforts. It supports parents in their efforts to teach academics by adding a touch of Christianity to the curriculum. Exploring Homeschooling counselors will help parents locate a Christian-based homeschooling support group in the parent's area.

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Home School Legal Defense Association

HSDLA explains all the ins and outs of being a homeschooling parent. The website details the differences between the various types of curricula; such as traditional method vs. classical method vs. the living books method. The HSDLA website also offers a resource page that lists many resources for a parent to examine before taking the plunge into being a homeschooling parent.

Florida Homeschool Help
(786) 529-6515

Florida Homeschool Help offers lesson plans and curricula on CD for each grade level from K-12. It is a complete service providing guidance to homeschooled students and serves all counties in Florida. This company offers academic assessments, report cards, graduation certificates and even actual graduation ceremonies for participants.

Homeschool Helper Online

This website is an online resource for homeschooling parents. The company offers unit studies, lapbooks, worksheets, character studies and more for the homeschooling parent to use in creating the lesson plans for their children. There is even a forum on the site where homeschooling parents can share resources they have found with other homeschooling parents. Homeschool Helper Online also offers a monthly newsletter with hints and suggestions that can help parents in their homeschooling efforts.

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