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Best Nightlife Spots For The Under 21 Crowd In Tampa Bay

Turning 18 years of age in the Tampa Bay area has its perks. While you can't legally drink yet, the nightlife powers-that-be in the surrounding counties do allow under agers to get a decent taste of what it entails to head out for the night. Who says you need to get sauced to have a good time? Here are a few joints that will let the under 21 crowd experience the going-out realm, without having to worry about finding creative ways to sneak in.
Photo Credit: The Castle via Facebook

The Castle
2004 North 16th St
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 247-7547

Price:  $5 - $7 depending on the night

Entering into The Castle can be an overwhelming experience, no matter what your age. If you're completely new to the club scene, strolling into this alternative gothic establishment might be somewhat of a shock at first. With a more-or-less theme attached to each night, chances are you'll be more than entertained by the handful of different rooms to explore inside these walls. Dealing with the temptation of getting into the "spirits" will quickly vanish, for there is constant entertainment all around The Castle. Just come as you are and let this place handle the rest.

Photo Credit: Prana Ybor via Facebook

1619 East 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 241-4139

Price: $10 cover

Boasting five levels of fun in the heart of Ybor City, Prana has become the go-to spot for 18+ crowds. For those that yearn for a taste of the true clubbing atmosphere, Club Prana is a crash-course. There's floors dedicated to techno, chilling, VIP table service, random jams, and a rooftop spot– which usually encompasses a live band. In short, there is something for everyone; but in order to experience all of it, one must dress the part (no shorts, hats, sandals, jerseys, etc.). Just come prepared to get bumped into as you maneuver through the stackable building of noisy and scantily clad young patrons.

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1420 East 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 247-2664

Price: $7 cover after 11 p.m. (Free before 11 p.m. if you sign up on the guest list)

With the slogan of, "21+ to booze; 18+ to party," the energetic alternative Ybor club encourages all who fall into that labeling to let loose.  Having three themed nights (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) ranging from DJ dance parties to the playing of indie rock and old-school hip-hop, the rowdy and affordable joint attracts all types. One of the highlights of this spot is that there is plenty of room, as the creators strategically placed three clubs/bars into one. In other words, if the Cyberian Vodka Bar area (DJ and dance floor) grows tiresome on you, you can take a short little walk over to either the Imperial Theater or The Bela Rus Ballroom to catch a live band.

Photo Credit: The Dallas Bull via Facebook

Dallas Bull
3322 North US Highway 301
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 987-2855

Price: $10 for ladies; $15 for guys

Dallas Bull is a country-themed bar that can appease just about anyone who rides in. The 34,000 square-foot monster venue has line-dancing, mechanical bull rides, the staple bar games and the occasional live-musical performance. Basically, all one has to do is journey on over and bask in the southern atmosphere. Plus, there's plenty of country music video eye-candy for both sexes to enjoy. The only bee in the saddle - the cover charge is on the higher side.

photo 1

1915 East 7th Ave
Ybor City, FL 33605
(813) 248-9500

Price: Varies with act
Check the event calendar

If one ever wanted to delve into the old-dingy dives where all bands cut-their-teeth, look no further than this stripped-down rock bar. Just about every night, there's a band dropping into Orpheum to fill the tight-room with the sounds of every rock-n-roll genre out there. All ages are welcome to get crazy or just sit back and watch some up-and-coming musicians attempting to fulfill their respective dreams. If there isn't a band on tap, a DJ will cover and rip through everything from British pop to hip-hop, and even toss in some disco and techno beats for good measure.

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