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Best Murals In Tampa Bay

Murals are truly dazzling works of art. Often covering dozens or even hundreds of square feet, they bring color, beauty and unique insight to a community. They not only reflect the artist, but the community as a whole, and quickly become points of pride. Check out some of these gorgeous murals in the Tampa Bay area the next time you're out for a drive.

Rowlett Park Community Mural
Rowlett Park
2401 E. Yukon St.
Tampa, FL 33604

The breathtaking Rowlett Park Community Mural was painted by artist Mike Parker along with the Community Stepping Stones and some talented youth in the Sulphur Springs area. Completed in 2005, it was created mostly by five art students in pursuit of art business scholarships. The mural covers 160 square feet and showcases everyday people playing sports, playing with children and sitting down to a meal with friends and family. Where there used to be an eyesore of dirt, grime and tasteless graffiti, the Rowlett Park Community Mural now brings life and pride to the Sulphur Springs community.

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City of Tampa Mural
Tampa Police Building
1102 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602

This iconic splash of wall art is featured on the side of the Tampa Police Building in downtown Tampa. A community icon, it showcases some of Tampa's signature landmarks, including the University of Tampa spires, the downtown trolley and plenty of blue Gulf water surrounded by palm trees and blue sky dotted with wispy white clouds.

Bill "Woo" Correira
687 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

According to locals, the mural of deceased artist Bill "Woo" Correira was painted by some of his friends on the night of his death, sometime around midnight. This vibrantly colored mural features Correira in square-rimmed glasses and a goatee surrounded by colorful fish and sea creatures. A large manta ray, green moray eel, bright orange jellyfish and even a red-haired mermaid adorn the side of the building. Even those who have never heard of Correira will be entranced by this beautiful tribute to a great artist and incredible Florida marine life.

Frida Kahlo
627-631 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

This comparatively small mural stands out among the rest for its quiet dignity. With only a few colors, Kahlo is rendered in tones of pink, fuchsia, red and violet. Her eternal gaze looks over the alley as she smiles at all who pass by.

Alley Art
687 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Wall murals add life and color to the sides of buildings all throughout the 600 district in central St. Petersburg. Most are untitled. Some are massive and take up an entire side of a building, such as the one behind the State Theater on Central Avenue. Others are relatively small and only take up a portion of a wall or just a window. Check out some of these amazing works of art that depict everything from skyscapes to mythical creatures next time you're in central St. Petersburg.

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