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Best Firework Displays Across the Country

You may think that your hometown has the best fireworks displays in the country, but this July 4th you might want to consider a trip to one of the five cities below to truly experience a sparkling extravaganza. From the patriotic heart of Washington, D.C. to the big city flash of New York, these spots are known for their impressive summer events. But don't take it from us – let the local residents in each town tell you what makes their fireworks special.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fireworks

While admitting a personal bias for the displays in her original hometown of Chicago, longtime L.A. resident Lisa Anderson says, "Los Angeles has some of the best fireworks in the country. How often can you watch them shoot over the mountains and then turn around and watch them light up the ocean?" You would expect nothing less than a glorious display from a place with the pyrotechnics of Hollywood and the natural beauty of the California beaches, right? Check out the Best 4th of July Parties Around Los Angeles

Washington D.C.

DC Fireworks

Julia Carabillo Imig loves the fireworks in her adopted hometown of Washington D.C., "What's more patriotic than fireworks? In the DC area, you have the national 4th of July fireworks, local fireworks (Alexandria's are great), and across the Potomac River National Harbor puts on a great display, too! With plenty of locations to watch any of these fireworks displays along the Potomac and a varied schedule, the spectacle of fireworks in DC is available to everyone!" Gather up your friends and family for a day of celebrating and a night of gorgeous firework displays. Find out where the Best Places to See Fireworks in the Washington, DC area are.


Boston Fireworks

Jean Crawford loves her Beantown fireworks, noting that "Boston's 4th of July celebration is really special. It's a celebration not only of the city, but of our country as a whole. The weather is great, all the city's people are out and about, and everyone is having a good time." This year will no doubt be an emotional one for the city of Boston. The tradition of the Boston Pops playing during the fireworks spectacular along the banks of the Charles River, is really what the city of Boston is all about.

New York

New York Fireworks

Linda Chan of Brooklyn, New York, described the Big Apple's fireworks as follows: "The 4th of July fireworks in New York City are by far the best. Labeled a 'spectacular,' that is exactly what they are. Stretching across the expanse of either the Hudson or East River (the location changes every few years) bordering New York City, the fireworks reach high above the city carefully choreographed to music broadcasted over local radio stations. Having to compete with Broadway shows and the lights of Times Square, and with the pressure of impressing television viewers across the nation, the New York City 4th of July fireworks show cannot help but be grand. For one night, even the most jaded New Yorker can't help feeling giddy as the fireworks punctuate the night sky with beautiful shapes and colors before fading into the night."


Watching Fireworks
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Atlanta is known as a sprawling city, and in the case of fireworks displays, this provides residents with plenty of options. John's Creek resident Judd Millman notes that "You can see fireworks at Stone Mountain, Lenox Mall, Lake Lanier, or any subdivision, and the larger displays provide a uniquely Southern mix of patriotism and pyrotechnics."

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