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Best DJs in Tampa Bay

No matter what side of the bridge you're on in Tampa Bay at night, the musical score that you hear while strolling through the respective bar districts are the works of audio wizards. Simply put, the modern DJs. Nightlife scenes are always looking to keep things fresh and professional and with the advances in technology, just about anyone can become a mix-master. With that being said, having the ability to create sounds is one thing. Knowing how to engage a crowd and have them hang on every "move" you make while behind the tables is another. Here are some DJs heating up the club scene in Tampa Bay.

DJ Mega!/megacuts

One of the many ways to describe this guy's turntable style is having the best of both worlds (pioneer and modern). While he embraces the laptop/hard drive spinning techniques, mainly because it's easier for him to cart his massive collection of beats to parties and clubs, Mega still dusts off the old vinyl when executing his hip-hop based style; especially when he works in the classic funk & soul. He's snagged just about every entertainment award in the local area and is consistently playing around town, when he's not being summoned to other cities in Florida.

DJ Short-e

He can be found playing in NYC and Miami on any given night. Yet the versatile DJ/VJ is always hanging around Tampa and will show-up just about anywhere.  Playing in an assortment of places such as the trendy Jackson's and Mangroves, to the more chilled Green Iguana, Short-e has been known to keep whatever joint he's in moving; as he effortlessly flows between classic dance beats all while adding some hip-hop and R&B flavor.

Turbo Tuesdays with KingKrow, SubPirate & SideDraft
658 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 424-1809

Price:  21+ - $2.00, 18+ - $5.00

If one hears some deep bass eruption in downtown St. Pete on a Tuesday night, chances are it's coming from Fubar and DJs, KingKrow, SubPirate and SideDraft. These three resident DJs initiate one of the more hardcore dubstep music nights every week. The raw, yet subtly articulate, sounds coming out of their boards, and a slew of special guests, makes for an ideal way to let loose to the solid thumping beats that provide an alternative to the usual melodic house and trance mixtures. In other words, it's like hearing a horror movie score composed by the likes of Rob Zombie, Trent Reznor, or heck, even Michael Myers.

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CJ Million!/CJMilli

CJ Milli's house-rock remixes are as random as her Twitter posts, but the girl definitely has her own voice so to speak. And chances are if you step into the joint this lady is helming, her charismatic electro tracks will surely rope you in. Taking tracks from rock bands such as Blink 182 and Drowning Pool, and adding the millennial club DJ sound, has led to this wild child gaining a decent reputation around these parts. Only thing she's really missing is a place where she lists her next outing. Best bet, follow her on one of her social networking havens––at the very least, you'll be entertained by her posts.

DJ Mike Blenda

Reggae music naturally has a smooth groove to it, but this man knows how to enhance it. The clichéd approach of, "Never forgetting your roots" is a proper way to characterize the easy flow style projected out by Blenda. Clearly displaying a chilled vibe, he has the talent to manipulate the steadiest soulful beats in various directions to entice a full out dance scene. To get a true sampling of his standout style, one can catch him performing at Ol' Dirty Sunday's at Crowbar in Ybor City.

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