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Best Creative Couples Costumes For Adults

Double trouble! Make an entrance at this year's Halloween party in a couples or duos costume. Want the world to know you two are tight as Batman and Robin? Check out these dynamic duo, Halloween twosomes.

Sonny and Cher, With a Twist

Sonny & Cher
Photo by Douglas Miller/Keystone/Getty Images

No matter which of you is more likely to belt out a chorus of “I Got You Babe” when the party’s heating up, consider switching gender roles and going as Sonny and Cher, in reverse. Pop a long black wig on your guy and a shaggy, banged hairdo on yourself. Add beads, stripes and stilettos in all the appropriate places and you’re set to party as Sonny and Cher with a twist.

Look Yummy

Gorilla & Banana
(Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images)

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, you’re bound to have a favorite food combo that translates easily into a great couple’s look. Think bacon and sunny-side up eggs, popcorn and coke, a burger and fries a gorilla and a banana. Consider having the main hugger in your couple dress up like a hot dog bun and the lucky huggee ensconced in a frankfurter costume, complete with drizzled mustard. Or, use poster board to fashion two giant slices of bread and go as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. No matter which food combo you choose, you’re bound to look sweet as peaches and cream.

Grease Is the Word

Grease Halloween
(Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Danny and Sandy still rule Netflix, as well as Halloween. If you love old movies, go seriously Travolta and Newton-John with slicked back hair, leather jackets and way-too-tight black jeans. Not a fifties fan? Deck out like Bogey and Bergman, "Casablanca" style, or show your unending love for "Star Wars" and dress up like Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Rush the Holidays

Santa & Mrs Clause
(Photo by Olivier Morin/Getty Images)

Celebrate Thanksgiving this Halloween by going as a hungry Pilgrim and nervous turkey, or fast-forward all the way to Christmas and show up as a jolly Santa with the lovely Mrs. Claus starring as arm candy. Or get even more creative and go as The Grinch and Cindy Lou Hoo. Can’t wait to ring in the New Year? Consider having one of you beard up as Old Father Time and the other diaper down as Baby New Year.

No Sleep Till Transylvania

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Whether you go deadpan and drop-dead gorgeous, or suit up as an elegant, aristocratic Dracula with dainty, lady-love Mina in tow, nothing quite says Halloween like strutting your stuff as matching children of the night. Vampires not your thing? Howl it up as Wolfman and the Moon, or go as Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein, popping forehead vein optional.

You Can Be Royals

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Let’s face it, we all have a bit of Anglophile in us, and Halloween’s the perfect time to dust off that accent. If you can’t get enough of Kate Middleton’s style (or baby bump), dress as everyone’s favorite Prince and Princess, or choose your best-loved, sentimental favorites like Cinderella and Prince Charming or Shrek and Princess Fiona this Halloween.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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