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(AUDIO) Tino Martinez: "I Wouldn't Change Anything About What I Did"

Tino Martinez 7-30

(CBS) Tampa Bay - Former Miami Marlins hitting coach and Tampa native Tino Martinez joined Booger and Rich to talk about his recent resignation from the Marlins club because of allegations that he verbally abused some of his players.

Martinez again denied that he grabbed any player by the throat and said that he was doing drills in the batting cages with some of his hitters back in May. He said Derek Dietrich didn't want to pick the balls from the batting cages so he grabbed the young player by the jersey, dropped some f-bombs and told him he needed to pick up the balls.

When Dietrich was sent down to the minors, he told the Marlins that he was verbally abused, according to Martinez. That's when the incident became public knowledge.

When asked how the allegations have made him feel, Martinez told Booger and Rich, "it makes you feel terrible."

Martinez said he believes the best way to address his young players was to be authoritative with them including using language to get their attention. He also holds that he did the right thing and said that if he could go back, he wouldn't change anything that he did.

Martinez said, "I still don't have a problem doing what I did." He explained, "I'm blaming myself for this whole situation, but if I had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing."

According to Martinez, Justin Ruggiano, one of the players who was told to pick up the balls in the batting cages, did contact him to apologize for the incident blowing up the way it has.

For his part, Tino Martinez says he is happy at home with his family and has no immediate plans to get back into coaching.

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