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(AUDIO) The Run Game Continues To Struggle

Mark Cook joined Fan Interference to talk Bucs football and wish the guys a Happy Thanksgiving. Mark started by talking about the shift in the Bucs offense to a pass heavy offense. Mark says that is a byproduct of the teams inability to open holes for the running backs, not so much the team's ability to pass the field.

Another issue in the running has been the lack of elite ability with the 3 guys running the ball. Mark says that the guy that has the most potential is Charles Sims, but until he becomes acclimated to the speed and power of the NFL game, he will continue to be someone still trying to figure things out. Sims after his injury, is essentially starting his rookie season over and these first games he has played are his preseason.

Along the offensive line, Mark said that if he had to choose, Demar Dotson could be the only guy from the current offensive line that will be in the starting linup in week 1 of next season. Mark added that it is difficult even for a guy like Dotson to excel in the game when others along the offensive line are not doing their job.

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